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tv   First Business  KICU  November 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the opening bell marks the start of an abbreviated holiday trading week...why one trader says watch out. in today's cover story.... the aggressive plan by a chicagoland walgreens to save energy. plus.... investing 101... the basics you need to know before jumping in to the stock market. and... are more shoppers ditching big box retailers, and staying local this year.. first business starts now! the index ended the session at 1,'s seventh heaven for stocks. for 7th consecutive week ---the market made gains with the dow ending the week with a 55 point rally, the nasdaq 23 and s&p 9. gold was down $2 and oil edged
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down 69 centstwitter's first weekly loss.the stock closed down 6.8% for the week.and homeowners in new york and new jersey are already making money on the superbowl by renting space on sites such as homeaway. the big game is feburary 2nd at metlife stadium. let's check in now with scott shellady of trean. joining us now to talk all about the market. good monday morning to you today and of course we are facing a holiday week here, so what do you anticipate as far as as far as volumes in the trading market? > well volumes are going to be thin. we are not open on thursday. it's the end of the month, you have to be careful these quiet markets tend to be volatile and because there's not a lot of selling behind you
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it's hard to get short. quiet markets tend to gravitate sideways to slightly higher, be careful about getting short because you are going to need that calvary to come in, let you out and then sell it back to you. it's an ominous there and like some good advice. thank you for that scott. moving on to your plays. are you doing anything with the s&p 500 right now? > you know we are. we have continued to stay long, we have added the long positions and calls that are expiring in jan. we think that we don't see any decent economic indicators that are gonna make a change our mind about the economy still. staying difficult and going forward we also have bought some 10 year treasure puts because we think that taper talk is probably going to play with eo worry there. we we bought some 10 year puts and we're staying on our s&p calls because we think that the economic indicators aren't going to change, we're going to grind higher in equities and a tapered talk is going to drive down those treasurys. is this a bullish stance new for you? > not really. i mean i have to go with what is going to happen
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verses what i think it's going to happen. we've gone from alan greenspan in 1996 and a rational exuberance to ben burnanke in 2013 in a rational empathy. we set an all-time high on friday and you didn't see it in the news media or the trucks outside like we did the last time around. so i'm cautious up here you need to be taken some stuff off the table but, there is no reason we have seen any change in the economy and arguably with yellin on the spot. if she sees anything bad what if we put the foot on the gas here. so we have to keep a big eye on it. well they are taking money off the table on gold. how low will we go here scott? > you know what, golds a hadge against inflation. we don't see any inflation, in fact hardly any at all and if we have a deflationary environment, which i think the fed are worried about. how expensive is $1,300 or 12 hundred $50 gold in a deflationary environment. that is pretty expensive. always a pleasure to have. thanks alot >alrighty new delays for the affordable care act! americans now have until december 23rd to enroll online for a plan, for coverage beginning january 1st. the open enrollment period is
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also pushed back by one month to november 15th through january. it comes after disappointing numbers from the october launch. on friday jeff zients, a management consultant says by saturday the site will be able to handle 800- thousand visitors a day and 50- thousand at any one time. in its first month, healthcare- dot-gov signed up fewer than 27-thousand people for insurance coverage. roughly 70-thousand more have enrolled through exchanges run by individual states and the district of columbia. last week the president addressed the glitches, sounding optimistic. "one of the problems we've had is one side of capitol hill is invested in failure, and that makes, i think, the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine- tuning the lawi think, the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine- tuning the law more challenging. but i'm optimistic that we can get it fixed." so far, we've found insurance brokers quite tenacious once you log on and start poking around for sample rates. after logging on for about a minute, more than three weeks ago, calls from brokers keep coming.
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president obama will be on the west coast this week. today-- the president is expected to make a speech about the importance of passing immigration reform. he will speak from a parks and recreation center in san francisco's china town.. then on tuesday-it's on to hollywood where he will likely talk about job creation in the movie and tv industry with a stop at dreamworks animation home of the hit film shrek. the president is also planning fundraising stops in california. one report says tickets to his events are selling at a discount. hiring is picking up nationwide. job postngs and hiring rose to five year highs in september. help wanted postings increased 69-thousand to 3.9 million , the most since march of 2008. hiring jumped 26-thousand to 4.6 million, the most since august of 08. the hottest hiring is in construction, retail, trade, transportation, and professional and business services. jp morgan will pay that record $13 billion dollars settlement by in a mortgage securities scandal . bank of america could also pay up for loans sold by countrywide in a
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scheme called "the hustle. joining us now to talk about bad bank behavior this morning heather wagenhals.. host of unlock your wealth radio. welcome back to the show.. in the you thing that these type of scandal are still happening in the mortgage industry? > yes, thanks for having me on. and unfortunately these mortgage products that cause the first first collapse are now creeping back into marketplace. low documentation loans, low down loans. the problem or these banks are packaging these loans and selling them off to these big mortgage pools and they're not what they're supposed to be. how can someone protect themselves? because at the end of the day we all pay for this. > you are totally right. will we need to do is take a look inside and find out who is doing the underwriting and figure out where the compliant issues of falling short of. this is all in sufficient, you can make some phone calls and find out what the health of a portfolio
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is. or, you can just call a friendly mortgage lender because they will tell you what's gone on in their industry and that will give you a good indicator whether or not you stay with i stay with mortgage vac securities or maybe i'll pullout and move into another investment products of that will suit my needs better at this time. heather thank you for that update. now onto an update on the the bank of america intern who collapsed in august. according to a coroner's report... 21-year old moritz erhardt died of an epileptic seizure after working three straight days for the bank. an autopsy found he was regularly taking medicine to treat epilepsy. erhardt didn't tell bank officials about his condition, according to medical forms. college enrollment is declining. generic shots of college students on generic campuses avoiding school logos if possible. moody's ratings agency reports-- 40% of universities and nonprofit colleges should expect lower tuition revenue growth.. the agency blames depressed family incomes and competitive job prospects for new grads.
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federal investigators are looking into whether a unit of caterpillar has been scamming customers, then dumping rail parts into the ocean. according to reuters-- "progress rail" allegedly dumped brakes and other parts into the sea to conceal evidence it was replacing rail equipment that was still in good shape. caterpillar is cooperating... and said in a statment-- "this matter will "not" have a material adverse effect on the company's consolidated results of operation, financial position or liquidity." investors holding shares of hologic are bracing for the next move by billionaire carl ichan. bloomberg news reports-- ichan has a 13% of stake in the company and may seek board seats. hologic shareholders have adopted a poison pill plan to defend against a hostile takeover. the massachuettes company has a product line of imaging equipment for mammograms and lab tests. the stock is up 13% for the year comcast is considering a bid for time warner cable in a potential multi-million-dollar deal time warner says it would prefer comcast, rather than
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another possible bidder, charter communications, due to its size and ability to pay shareholders. the deal could close this weekend. time warner jumped nearly 10 percent to 132 dollars. and comcast was up more than four percent to 49 dollars. more on comcast is coming up in chart talk.. 3 newcomers to the stock market are making connections with investors.. in our ipo watch... on friday-- shares of new york clothing company vince holdings-- rose 43%. the stock priced in at $20 and ended the session at $28--- the ticker symbol is vnce. sungy mobile-- a chinese mobile internet products maker is selling stock in the u.s. that stock moved up 19% from $11 dollars and closed at $13. the ticker is gomo. and another company out of china--this one an online sports lottery company-- named priced at $13 dollars and surged 54% to $20.. the ticker wbai. pandora is pumping up its listener volume. in its earnings report pandora reports having 20% more
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users than a year ago. it also says mobile ad revenues, are up. however, the company missed the mark on earnings expectations due to higher spending on development and marketing. earlier this year apple launched "apple itunes radio" -- which does not seem to be having an immediate effect on pandora's user numbers. pandora's stock fell one and a half percent on friday. pandora's competitor "spotify" is getting a financial tune up. according to the wall street journal-- the "swedish" onlne streaming music company is attarcting funding from silicon valley. spotify raised $250 million in new funding. led by technology crossover ventures. which values spotify at more than $4 billion dollars. motorola launches into a new dimension. the company's mobile unit has teamed with a 3d printing company. "3d systems" it will help motorola in its latest venture, "project ara" which will let customers customize their own smartphone. motorola's mobile unit is owned
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by google. 3d systems closed up one and a half percent friday. shares of footlocker jumped on earnings.. the stock traded up $1.50 after the shoe sports store reported profits raced up 8%, topping analyst's view. footlooker is also on track to meet its full year guidance goal. something that could cause the stock to stumble -- the retailer is concerned about the shorter selling season this year between thanksgiving and christmas. this saturday marks the fourth year of "small business saturday." a day dedicated to drumming up support for independent businesses. online, a "vow to shop local" movement is circulating fast. elizabeth gardner of the women's business development center says consumers are becoming more conscious of where their money is going. "they know now instead of putting their money into a large big box retailer, if they put a little bit of their money into local economies that it will create a tax base for their community, it will create
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jobs for people in their community. " research firm civil economics estimates for every 100 dollars spent at a local store 68 dollars stays within the community. versus 43 dollars at a chain store. still to come how to make the stock market work for you. plus... putting the "green" in walgreen- how the retailer is making a name for itself in the alternative energy space. and, just say no. the retailers you can't count on being open this thanksgiving. first business continues after this.
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this is a big year for early bird shopping "on" thanksgiving. however, a number of stores will remain closed. that list so far includes: no nordstrom, dillard's, home
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depot, costco, bjs, t.j. maxx, marshalls and ross stores. usa today report those stores plan so keep doors locked to give employees time off to spend with their families. last year, 35 million americans shopped on thanksgiving. but one retail analyst says its yet to be proven shoppers really want or need to buy on the holiday. there's more emphasis on "green" at walgreens, these days. the nation's largest drugstore chain is testing with a variety of energy-saving systems to cut operating costs. and as our cover story shows you, it's put all of them into one store in evanston, illinois as a retail "science experiment." two wind turbines in the parking lot and 850-solar panels on the roof generate electricity. geothermal technology taps energy sources more than 500 feet into the earth to heat or cool the store, and low energy-consuming leds light the stores nearly 14- thousand square feet. "i read about it. i saw the solar panels. i think that is pretty sweet." walgreens admits, it costs more
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to install these energy-saving systems. how much more, it won't say. but it hopes the combination pays off later-- cutting operating costs by 20%. the goal---net zero energy. that means it produces more energy than it uses.walgreens plans to sell the excess energy back to the utility. shoppers are informed of all this in placards throughout the store. "this is very nice. this is my favorite walgreens this is where i fill my prescription." "are you more inclined to shop here? yes, because it demonstrates that it's a business that cares." "like any other business, we're trying to reduce our operating costs. we figure with everything, we'll cut our usage by 700-thousand megawatt hours." already, some of this stores features are a hit. "one of the things we did find is that we're ready to put in more led lighting in our
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stores, like the one you saw in our store in evanston. (how many and how soon?) we'll plan to put them in new ones under construction. this year, we plan to open about 150 stores." the energy-saving walgreens is just slightly smaller than the average walgreens but it's expected to cut by more than half, what the average walgreen consumes in energy use. thanks chuck! coming up.... a "don't miss" if you have if you have never bought a stock in your life, details with bill moller are still to come. and later on in chart talk... a trader is watching for big potential in one cable stock. stay with us!
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you know what the hardest part of starting an investment plan is? starting. it just seems so daunting. but morningstar, the respected fund and stock
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research firm has developed investor starter kit -in fact that's what they call it - that makes it easy. christine benz is director of personal finance for okay - take me there through the process. you have 5 things you have to consider, 1, figure out how much you need (upon retirement) > right, and this is easier said than done. the key thing that you need to contend with is; what inflation will mean for your savings and unfortunately $500,000 today will not buy you in 20 years from now we can purchase today. so use a calculator? use a online calculator. we've got one on, their plentiful on modern. use that as a starting point make sure its factoring in inflation and make sure it's also factoring in reasonable rates of return for what you might earn on your investments. 2-find the right investment mix (to get you there) > this is key. a lot of people proceed straight to investment selections they start picking funds and stocks. you really
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need to step back and make sure that you have a plan. how you apportion your money among stocks, bonds, and cash will be a key determinant in that portfolio return and also, its risk level. pick your investments (what's appropriate in your 20s, may not be inappropriate in your '40's and 50's) > that's exactly right. so you need to give due care to that question of what goes into your portfolio. i tend to like really plain vanilla investments types that give you. target date funds, you are fan of? > target date funds, i am a big fan of. these are the funds that to get more conservative as you get closer to retirement. they do all lot of the heavy lifting for you. implement your plan. get off the dime and do it. > exactly. you need to think about you will actually get this thing up and running. will you put money into the market their regular intervals. i think that's a great way to invest. also, think about how you will allocate your money among the different vehicle types. so are you going to be in a wralfire, 401k, or will you save in a plain old textbok bridge account. and do not just set it up and forget it. stay abreast of it, monitor your holdings.
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>moniter it, but not too much. i always say a good checkup once or twice a year his plenty. if you're plugging into your portfolio, which is easy to do now as we see the markets go up and up and up. that's too much, because you might be inclined to chase performance. less is more when it comes to montiring. and you can fly all the information about the investor starter kit at your website christine thank you! >thank you bill. just ahead-- the cable company stock that has a potential buy signal. a trader explains next in chart talk .
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as we mentioned earlier in the show cable companies are talking about coupling. joining us now is james ramelli of keene on the market dot com. happy monday to you and no doubt you are in this to watch for the
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possibility of a way to make money here, so what do you see on the comcast's side? > so, comcast has had some extremely bullish order flows on friday's trading sessions. we saw calls out trade puts almost 10 to one. that's a huge ratio and some very, very bullish indications that the market expects comcast stock to continue higher. they're involved in this deal with twc now and charter communications as well. we saw three of those stocks hit higher on friday. it should be a good thing for any of these companies if there's more consolidation in this space. i'll have an upside target in comcast for the end of this year around $52 which is a little bit more than 4% higher from its current levels here. i will be looking to play comcast to the long side at that target. is comcast a stock you like technically or fundamentally? > i like it in both a technical and fundamental sense here. you know we saw the stock having a
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really good technical set up going into earnings and then pulling back some off of its 52 week highs and then entering a period of consolidation and then breaking out on friday session. that price action that i love to see and i really like the fundamental story behind comcast now as well here. so i think that it's kind of a all in long here for me. i'm buying with both hands. all right there you go. so is this a long term play or just a quick in and out? > i think this could serve as both here. like i say we can use the options market to project upside targets as far out as we want here. i have this 4 percent upside target for the end of this year but, i will be looking to play it further up as we move further out and get into to next year's trading. james, always good to have you on the show. have a great trading day. > thank you. as we take for today.. a reminder to catch our show tomorrow. for tips on charitable giving to the phillipines as the death toll rises above 5,000---- as well as how to plan for end of the year donations. from all of us at first business..have a good monday.
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